Black dresses are the most important piece in any wardrobe. The foundation of an endless array of outfits, black dresses are essentially an open invitation to experiment with your look, and create beloved ensembles you'll turn to time and again. Keep things bright while wearing a black dress by slipping into a pair of colored tights, layering on unique rings, or wrapping up in blanket scarves with a classic plaid pattern. Not feeling a pop of color? An all-black look with a black dress at the center never goes out of style, and is about as easy as outfitting gets!

When it comes to styling black dresses, your imagination is the best place to begin! Black dresses pair well with an array of shoes, accessories, and outerwear, so you can mix and remix outfits to your heart's content. For example, a draped cardigan and ankle-strap flats are a perfect pair to a black dress for a solid daytime outfit. Then, you can take that same black dress into the evening by swapping the cute sweater and shoes out for an edgy military jacket and multicolored heels. Layer on sparkly jewelry, fasten on a belt with texture, or toss a graphic tee on over top-black dresses are a canvas for your expression.

Is there such a thing as too many black dresses? We think not! When it comes to the LBD, there's always room in your closet for another. At ModCloth, you'll discover vintage-inspired and modern dresses in the dark hue you just can't get enough of. Wrap dresses, midi dresses, party dresses-you name it, and you'll discover it on our site. Our assortment goes far beyond solid options. Floral patterns, jazzy stripes, critter prints, and many more motifs lend additional personality to our collection of black dresses. Select a size, price point, brand, or occasion to reveal your next greatest black dress discovery. We'll be waiting!

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