Looking to add more cute flats to your collection? Whether you're a lover of vintage-inspired style, or a modern day maven, you'll be sure to find cute and unique sneakers, ballet flats, sneakers, slides, Mary Janes, loafers, and sandals to spice up your everyday outfits! Find cute flats to compliment  any style or mood in a wide variety of sizes!

WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF VINTAGE-INSPIRED FLATS? Well, that depends on what era of fashion you feel like channeling today:

  • 40’s Women’s Flats: Classic oxford shoes, wingtip loafers with perforated detailing, T-strap flats, peep toe flats, and ankle strap flats are timeless staples of 1940s women’s fashion. Flats with bows were a must-have during this era!

  • 50’s Women’s Flats: Rockabilly style began influencing fashion in the 1950’s, and red flats, nautical inspired flats, and navy blue flats have been stealing hearts ever since. This is the fashion era when slingback flats, strappy sandals, and stylish slip-on shoes first made their debut! In the 50s, pointed-toe flats, flats with cute cutouts, women’s penny loafers, and slip-on flats all challenged the status quo in women’s fashion.

  • 60’s Women’s Flats: In the 1960’s, sensible kitten heels in bold hues became mainstream! Patent leather heels with squared toes and block heels took over in shining shades of black, yellow, green, pink, and blue! Lace-up tennis shoes gained traction as Keds went mainstream, and naturally, patent white go-go boots became the must-have footwear. 


  • 70’s Women’s Flats: Platform sandals, stylish mules, and clogs can be traced back to the 1970s fashion era. Block heels went sky-high and Birkenstock sandals joined a revolution in casual footwear. The disco era also made way for wild metallic heels, sequin boots, and boho-inspired fringed detailing. 

  • 80’s Women’s Flats: Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing took classic Keds to the next level in the 1980’s, and classic black flats as well as neon flats and ballet flats took over prom night! Hightop sneakers made their big debut, and Ferris Bueller ensured their popularity. Strappy gladiator sandals, and preppy boat shoes also showed up during this iconic time. Today, we still can’t beat the versatility and fresh style of a sporty pair of white sneakers.

  • 90’s Women’s Flats: Ankle strap sandals came back in a major way during the 1990s fashion era, and slides made their way into our hearts. Flip-flops were everything, and flat Mary Janes were everywhere. Platform sneakers also took footwear to new heights in the 90’s, and the combat boot was the shoes of choice for the grunge rockers and  rebels. Bright colors and quirky prints were added to every style of shoe imaginable, ballet flats were still going strong, and slip-on sneakers became a major mainstay.

Whatever era in fashion you seek to inspire, we're here to support you with cute flats in a wide variety of sizes!