With some clever styling, V-neck dresses sure do know how to dazzle! Though, some may wonder - what type of necklace to wear with a V-neck dress? There are no solid rules in fashion, and as firm believers in experimentation ourselves, we think the best accessory to a V-neckline is the one that speaks to you most on any given day. Gold casual necklaces are always a solid choice for knit frocks. Jazz up a solid staple dress with a pendant or rhinestones, and voila, the perfect necklace is right before your eyes! For plunging styles, try neckwear with an extra long chain or additional glitz to really amp up the drama of such a bold look. At the end of the day, your keen eye for style will lead you to the perfect accessory for this classic neckline time and again. You've had it in you all along!

Did somebody say V-neck? This wondrous garment detail makes even the fanciest of frocks feel as comfortable as your favorite tee. Casual, daring, thoughtful - V-neck dresses do their part in setting the tone of an entire ensemble. Keyholes and tied necklines with a triangular cutout are also a fan favorite, as they prove the verve and versatility of such an accent. Framed by ruffles, serviced up surplice style, or fabulously form fitting with the help of princess seams, V-neckline dresses are a wardrobe feature that everyone should try at least once! Still not a believer? Peruse our assortment, and we guarantee you'll your new favorite frock in the neckline you'll come to know and love.

How do you make a simple dress even more alluring? Put a little plunge in it! When it comes to making a marvelous, modern impression, V-neck dresses definitely know what they're doing. Take this noteworthy neckline for a spin with any of our quirky fashion dresses. You'd be surprised to what a fun pattern can do in coordination with a deeper neckline! If streamlined styles are more your speed, we offer a bounty of basics with this timeless detail. Let's not forget that many of these pieces are available in a full size range, so there's no reason to forego ing a fresh V-neck dress to add to your wardrobe today!

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