Classic as can be, boat-neck dresses transform a whole look with just a hint of vintage-inspired elegance. Whether the dress is sleeveless, midi-length, pocketed, patterned, or fitted, it always welcomes the timeless addition of a boat neck.

Also known as a bateau neckline or a Sabrina neckline, the boat neck is a wide neckline style that runs horizontally from shoulder to shoulder, both at the front along the collarbones, and across the back. The boat neck has its roots in French naval uniforms from the mid 1800s, and was created for ease of removal. Its style moved to other branches of the military all across the globe, but didn't come into mainstream fashion until after the turn of the century. They eventually gained ground in the beatnik culture of the late '50s and '60s when prominent artists were seen sporting them. It was then that boat necks broke into mainstream culture, without being an exclusive pair to stripes or even tops. Dress patterns widely featured boat necks, and only grew in popularity as time progressed. After awhile, boat-neck tops and dresses were no longer at the top of the trends, but they never truly fell out of fashion. Even today, boat-neck sweaters, tops, and dresses can be found with ease, for their enduring elegance is still appreciated in modern fashion.

When it comes to boat-neck dresses, sophistication comes standard. Our dedication to vintage-inspired fashion is reflected in our collection of boat-neck dresses, which give any look an instant retro feel. However, our love for the bateau neckline doesn't end there. Amongst our curated apparel assortment, you'll find cozy cozy sweaters, classic knit tops, and lovely blouses detailed with this timeless accent. In need of another to add to your wardrobe? We totally understand. Click around to find your new fave.

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