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What's bold and beautiful and fancy all over? ModCloth's prom dresses, of course! Whatever you're looking for, we've got it! From beaded maxi dresses to lace cocktail frocks; tiered gowns with gorgeous embroidery to fit and flare dresses with fabulous low backs - it's all here, it's all gorgeous, and it's all waiting to be worn to your next dance. We take pride in our special occasion outfits coming in full size ranges, so check out our plus size maxi dresses and find the perfect fit!


Your eagerly awaited staircase entrance will blow minds, and it's all because you've got a long prom dress to flaunt! Smile wide as you descend to meet your date, sure to show off your prom gown's prettiest details. And, once you're gathered with your friends, all the cute prom dresses lined up in a row, yours will stand out in the group photo - both because of its fashionable finesse and because of your bold confidence!


Some sweeten up in short prom dresses, while others up their elegance with long prom dresses. You? You're changing things up with a mid-length dress, accessorized to the nines with rhinestone earrings, a statement necklace, a gemstone bracelet, and a formal clutch. Just add peep toe heels and your look will be complete - completely chic, that is! Of all the cute prom dresses spotted on the scene, yours will have the most sophistication teeming from its silhouette. Now that's something we can get on board with!

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