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Quirky and Unique Home Decor

Completing your favorite space with unique decor items from ModCloth feels like a sweet victory! Just peep our bath decor section for the coolest shower curtains and cutest rugs to complement your relaxing bedding and winsome window treatments. With such quirky decor all over your space, every morning will bring the most posh sights imaginable, every trip to the powder room will be a stylish ordeal, and every evening as you drift to sleep, you'll think of how grateful you are for fabulous home accessories. Talk about a win for your abode!
If you believe there's no such thing as too many decorative pillows, dinosaur lamps, or printed storage containers, you've come to the right place! ModCloth's fun-loving take on style goes from your wardrobe to your abode all thanks to our curated collection of quirky decor items. What treasure will you discover? And, when you do lay eyes on that perfect home furnishing, prep yourself to want to buy one for everyone you know! After all, your friends are just as game for unique housewarming gifts, quirky nightlights, cute rugs, and vogue votives as you are.
Animal-shaped planters? Inspirational and imaginative prints? Ultra-fun picture frames? You bet ModCloth's got 'em! You know us for our unexpected patterns and quirky clothes - now get acquainted with our unique home furnishings to complement that cool closet of yours! Because the only thing better than your radiant reflection in the mirror is having cool curtains, a boho-inspired rug, and a printed bedspread as your outfit's backdrop.