Buckle your shoes and get dancin' Charleston style because we are talking shoes of the 1920s. If you are an old soul channeling a bygone era in your next ensemble, you have come to the right place for instant inspiration. Here at ModCloth, we are gathering up new styles embodying all the charm of the 1920s with our 1920s inspired shoes. Shop you favs of 1920s footwear like T-straps, Mary Janes, and heeled oxfords with laces and buckles. And if you are looking to blend styles of the past with styles of the present, we have 1920s fashion shoes complete with stiletto heels and platforms for an of-the-moment look. So what are you waiting for, step out in the styles you love and get dancin' with our 1920s style shoe at ModCloth!

Are you looking to channel your inner flapper? We have the scoop on vintage 1920s shoes and how they can serve the modern day gal! In previous decades, women's footwear maintained modesty by fully covering the foot with a conservative design fashioned with laces, buckles and buttons. But the 1920s brought about the freedom to challenge the modesty of the time with revealing shoe styles that exposed the ankle and sides of the foot. At the time, the Mary Jane and 1920s style T-strap shoes were popular options to the flapper youth culture that dawned their fashions at parties and clubs. These styles remained a classic through the ages, making their mark in the wooden, block heel styles of the1920s and later the early 50s when the stiletto style was invented. The stiletto design replaced the stacked wooden block heel of decades past with a modern slim sky-high steel rod.

Now that you found the fabulous 1920s flapper shoes of your dreams, it is time to dress them up! Set out in a swinging shift dress with fringe and a little sparkle. Style your look with a long '20s necklace with jet black beads. A fun headband with feathers will complete your look. For a '20s style day ensemble, style a pair of 1920s flat shoes with a white lace shift dress, cloche, and A-line coat with an oversized collar. Connect with your favorite eras and get dressed in the classics of the past with ModCloth!

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