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3/4 Sleeve Dresses

'SLEEVE' IT UP TO US. Looking for some 3/4 dresses that meet your exact style specifications? You've come to the right place! Dresses with sleeves are one of our top frock specialities, because we know it's a detail you adore. Extra fabric at the arms means more space for sheer accents, novelty patterns, or flared cuffs to shine! And, because of our commitment to inclusivity, we always offer 3/4 sleeve dresses for plus sizes, so you never have to worry about sacrificing a single favorite feature. No need to thank us for such awesome offerings - we're always happy to make your stylish visions a reality. Just don't forget to share us on your awesome outfit photos!

A 3/4 length is the Goldilocks of sleeves. Not too short, not too long, but always just right! If you're thinking that this cherished feature is only available for casual frocks, we implore you to think again! Allow our collection of 3/4 sleeve formal dresses to open your mind to the versatility of this key detail. We also know that pockets are always a priority, so we've paired 3/4 sleeves with an array of pocket dresses, meaning all your outfit criteria are covered. Classy, comfortable, and all-around cool, cropped sleeves are a mainstay in our frock assortment, because we design with you in mind!

Ahh, 3/4 sleeve dresses - they're simply the perfect type of frock for all year 'round! Transitional weather and unpredictable workplace temperatures are no match for this treasured garment detail. Let's not forget to mention how a cropped sleeve cut frees up your wrists for showing off some splendid statement accessories. Is there anything this wardrobe wonder can't do? At ModCloth, you can find 3/4 sleeve dresses across countless categories, from wedding formalwear and date night looks, to casual outfitting and vintage-inspired offerings. Lace inserts, bell-shaped silhouettes, and more give added elevation to our selection of sleeves, meaning everyone is sure to find a new look they'll love!

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