Cotton skirts are a great option for summer and winter - cotton fabric is breathable, comfortable, and warm. Our cotton skirts for women are perfect for all year round. Whether you’re looking for a skirt for work, home, or going out, you’ll find a fabulous option here!

These oh-so-scrumptious skirts come in different styles, shapes, textures, and cuts to suit your personal style and body type. Don’t miss out on letting your feminine energy shine through - give yourself a present and put on a cute cotton skirt!

We like to keep fashion cute and creative here at ModCloth, so you’ll find many quirky patterns and designs in this collection.

Why be like everybody else? Make a bold statement with a bold print that’ll have people asking where you got your outfit!

Browse our collection of cotton skirts now to find the perfect new piece for your wardrobe. And, our fabrics are super high-qual. We believe sustainable fashion is the future and create timeless pieces that you can wear forever.

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