Crochet Dresses

There's good reason crocheted dresses are a style favored by both retro fashionistas and modern-minded gals! With various stitching styles, differentiating textures, and a type of sheerness for every comfort level, women's crocheted dresses tout an appeal that spans far and wide. If you're new to this timeless style, take a frock with crochet detailing for a spin! Inserts at the sleeves, trimmings around the skirt, and even collars comprised entirely of crochet abound in our robust dress assortment. Once you find yourself a fan of this sweet detail, level up to a look that's entirely crocheted from shoulders to hem. You might be surprised to find that a garment like this has such staying power in your wardrobe! THAT IN-DEMAND DETAIL
From long crocheted dresses to short crocheted dresses, our collection covers your request for stitched accents. After you've found the fab frock of your dreams, you may be wondering how to style such a standout piece. Lightweight jackets are an excellent accompaniment to your charming crocheted look, as they allow the lace to still flow freely instead of weighing down your ensemble. Once the weather cools, don't pack away that excellent dress - just pair it with some over-the-knee socks and layer up to showcase it for another season. We totally understand your love for all things crocheted, which is why you can find stunning appliques on blouses, fancy sandals, and inserts aplenty in this style all across the site. Your 'stitch' is our command! LUXURIATE IN CROCHETED LACE
Lace dresses are definitely our calling card, which is why you're guaranteed to find a style you instantly adore within our assortment! From plus-size formal dresses to sultry sheath dresses, we offer frocks that live up to every element of your aesthetic criteria. Consider us your place for all things lace! For everything you do, you more than deserve to be swathed in this timelessly elegant textile. Treat yourself!

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