Cute High Waisted Skirts
Is there any better way to greet the day than by donning a high-waisted skirt and embracing the morning in sweet style? We think not! Get energized alongside your cup of coffee by establishing your outfit with a high-rise style. When it comes to ensemble pairings, consider the day's agenda. A graphic tee would look lovely with the skirt you've selected for bookstore browsing and sashaying around town. If meetings and deadlines lie ahead, call on a button-up blouse to elevate that same style with professional poise. If only you could spend all morning planning ways to style outfits around these adorable and cute high waisted skirts!

If you're looking for creative ways to sport a high-waisted skirt, you've come to the right place! At ModCloth, we consider ourselves masters of unique outfitting. Begin or expand your collection of cute skirts right here, right now with stunning styles in a diverse range of sizes. Once you've found some new favorites, it's time for tops! Knit tops and blouses are a wonderful pair for breezy bottoms and close-fitting silhouettes alike. Go classic and minimalist with solid tops and skirts, or be bold and mix different patterns within the same color family. When it comes to creating the perfect look with a stunning skirt, the choice is ultimately all yours - and we know you'll do great!

We all know that this timeless style is a true wardrobe staple, but in regards to outfitting, one question remains. What to wear with a high-waisted pencil skirt? Combined with polished blouses or quirky tops, this close-fitting garment expertly handles any and every wardrobe whim. What's more, the comfortable knit that typically composes a pencil skirt makes it easy to wear all around the clock. If you're thinking high heels are the only way to go when it comes to an optimal footwear pairing, think again! Flats, sneakers, and even sandals are welcome suggestions for styling such a wondrous skirt. All that to say, the best fashion tip we have for wearing cute pencil high waisted skirts is going with your sartorial intuition!

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