Wait, are those bat-shaped earrings? Jewel-toned statement necklaces? Hair clips formed into cat silhouettes? Blanket scarves for cozying up in an endless array of ways? You betcha-this is the fall accessories section! Anything you were expecting to find, you'll encounter here, plus all sorts of goodies that will take you by surprise. Fall accessories can take a basic outfit and elevate it into something incredible, so shop our assortment of rhinestone jewelry, fall hats, and patterned tights to get your style into the seasonal spirit. Sure, cozy sweaters and wool trousers are fabulous autumn pieces, but they're only half the fun. Stock up on fall accessories from ModCloth, and let the revelry begin.

When it comes to accessorizing for fall, the more pieces you don, the merrier! Cooler temps are a chance to layer on additional jewelry, scarves, hosiery, and more, so why not take advantage of the opportunity? Blanket scarves are a massive staple in fall wardrobes, because their classic patterns and chic volume add something special to every outfit with which they're paired. Thinking about crafting some fall scarf outfits of your own? Start with everyday basics-a solid tee, comfortable jeans, a classic wool coat-then amplify the ensemble with a plaid blanket scarf for a fall-perfect look. Hats, gloves, and lace tights are a few more of our seasonal favorites, so as you experiment with accessorizing for fall, let your imagination guide you to your best looks yet.

Is there even such a thing as having too many fall accessories? We think not! After all, fall accessories are far more than flashy fashion pieces-they're ultra functional, too. Looking your best and staying your warmest are never competing objectives with the right fall accessories in your wardrobe, especially when they're from ModCloth. 

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