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If garden parties and galas are marked on your calendar, we have the looks that evoke nature's beauty for an instant statement. Bring color, texture and print to your special occasion ensemble with our floral formal dresses. Select a floral formal dress adorned with lifelike appliques that mimic the beauty of a bed of flowers in full bloom. Welcome the drama of our floral formal gowns designed with full skirts dizzy with bright floral embroidery. Each blossom is an artistic marvel with our floral print formal dresses flourishing with a watercolor motif. Get inspired by nature's most dazzling features with floral formal dresses.

Floral prints have been the center of decedent dress for centuries. So, there is no better way to celebrate color for your next special occasion than with our assortment of floral formal dresses. Floral motifs decorated lavish styles dating as early as the Medieval and Renaissance era. The baroque and Rococo age depicted florals of the most decadent sort, flaunting floral silks and jacquards. Today, floral prints are enjoyed on casual ensembles as well as formal attire. We have captured the vibrancy of nature with each style truly making your next fancy look one for the history books. Shop our floral formal dresses and make your mark on history!

Speckling the landscape with shades of blue, yellow, green, and red, it is no wonder we have borrowed nature's creations in our own style. No matter if it is spring or autumn, welcome the colors of the season with our floral formal dresses. Welcoming the freshness of spring with pastel color stories, consider a pink floral formal dress in shades of rose, peony, and fuchsia. Create a spring moment with our short floral formal dresses complete with flirty twofer styles and of-the-moment mini looks. When it comes to floral fancy dresses, autumnal hues set the mood with our yellow floral formal dress atop a jewel tone background. Our yellow florals are speckled with luxe golden hues like mustard, marigold, and warm honey. From spring to fall, you are sure to step out in style with our floral formal dresses at ModCloth!

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