If you're going to sport a skirt, why not opt for a full one? Full skirts are a fun and feminine addition to any wardrobe. To create their voluminous shape, many full skirts are designed with either a full-length tulle underlay, or a partial tulle underlay attached to the lining. For skirts that aren't technically full but still have the potential for added volume, petticoats are perfect for layering to create that full A-line figure. Full skirts are a go-to style for semi-formal and formal events, but they wear just as well for more casual occasions, too. Whether you're already a fan of full skirts or have yet to try their iconic look, you'll find plenty of new ones to love at ModCloth.

When it comes to styling full skirts, it's important to first consider the occasion. Are you wearing your full skirt to a wedding, a baby shower, or just for errands around town? For fancy events, a chiffon blouse with a retro cardigan layered over top is an excellent combination. Finish the look with sparkling jewelry and a pair of classic Mary Jane heels, and your special occasion look is all set. For something more casual, try a knit top with printed skirts, along with some comfortable Oxford flats. In cooler months, cozy sweaters, fleece-lined leggings, and knee-high boots are all optimal picks for looks starring a full skirt. The choice is yours!

With gorgeous patterns, high-waisted cuts, pockets, and the shape you know and love, it's almost impossible not to go head over heels for our collection of full skirts. Perfect for retro and modern looks alike, full skirts are a twirl-worthy option you'll always want to have on hand. Midi skirts are a popular option within our assortment, and with a little added volume, they're practically irresistible. Style our full skirts any way you'd like, time after time.

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