They're easy, they're comfortable, and they're the epitome of a wardrobe staple. Jersey dresses are a tried-and-true style that won't let you down. At ModCloth, you'll discover jersey dresses in the solid hues you love to choose, along with colors and patterns that may take you by surprise. Our collection of jersey dresses also come in an extensive variety of lengths, from playful mini dresses for making errand day that much more enjoyable, to flowing maxi dresses that are perfect for backyard barbecues and beach getaways alike. If you're not much for dresses but still love some soft, supple jersey knit, we also offer casual rompers and black plus-size jumpsuits in this beloved fabric. Oh, and let's not forget the full size range! So, what's stopping you from filling your cart with jersey dresses? We say, go for it!

When outfitting a casual dress, we suggest opting for accompanying pieces that are just as laidback. Denim jackets, simple jewelry, and comfortable flats all come to mind - and here, you'll find those items with our own special twist. Jazz up your casual dress by layering on some outerwear with a fun, printed lining, adding a few critter accessories, and pairing those kicks with some cute novelty socks. How easy is that? A faux-leather moto jacket with shiny hardware and a pair of low, walkable heels work here just as well. You can create all kinds of outfits around a casual dress to suit any mood you're feeling. We believe in you.

One dress, 'new' dress, red dress, blue dress - jersey dresses exist in abundance on our site, in almost every iteration you can imagine! From casual wear to work-ready styles, our jersey dresses hit the mark for all of your daily styling needs. Grab a few new pieces today!

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