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Mary Jane Shoes

Once you find the perfect pair of Mary Jane shoes at ModCloth, strap in, because you're in for a 'styled' ride. Whether they're flats or heels, Mary Janes are a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Mary Jane shoes are classified by at least one buckled strap across the instep and rounded toes. Appearing in the early 20th century, Mary Janes began as a gender-neutral shoe option for children, but eventually deferred to a feminine aesthetic sometime around the 1930s in America. From there, Mary Janes became a popular option for semi-formal to formal occasions, as well as the preferred shoe for folk costumes around the world. Throughout time, Mary Jane shoes have evolved into elegant heeled styles, edgy flatforms, easy-to-wear wedges, sultry peep toes, and so many other types of footwear, both retro and modern. With so many unique iterations, there's a style of Mary Jane for just about everyone!

Good news - because there are so many different styles of Mary Jane shoes, they can be worn with pretty much anything, at any time! Vintage-style shoes like Mary Jane flats give a bit of polish to a graphic tee and skinny jeans combo, and are a comfortable choice for sophisticated formalwear once the stilettos come off and the dancing begins. Speaking of heels, Mary Janes with a chunky heel are a workwear staple, as they keep you strapped in and comfortably on your feet all day long. The wingtip details you often find on Oxford loafers can also be found on Mary Jane shoes, too! Really, what form hasn't this iconic style already adapted to? More modern ensembles are welcoming of Mary Janes with cutouts, patchwork accents, and even crisscrossing straps. All of the pieces currently in your wardrobe prove themselves to be a fine fit for Mary Jane shoes - as will all of the items that will come in the future!