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Printed Leggings

Someday, your 'prints' will come - oh wait, they're already here in the form of printed leggings! We've reinvented the casual dressing staple with an array of patterns and motifs you won't find anywhere else. Cats in space, vibrant flowers over classic houndstooth plaid, scallops, dashes, teacups, and more round out our eye-catching assortment, so there's a stunning style available for all tastes and aesthetics. Knit bottoms like these are more than enough to liven up a day of lounging with truly fashionable flavor. With so many different options to choose from, we bet you can't pick just one! There's no better time than the present to start building your signature collection of printed leggings.

Patterned leggings with a wild color scheme and theme may seem like a daunting thing to style, but fear not! You've got this. Try pairing your brand new find with black shirts, so the printed leggings do all the talking without competing with your other outfit pieces. Really, any solid-colored top will do! Keeping the other elements of your ensemble toned down will allow your quirky leggings to take center stage, exactly as they deserve. It's a great strategy to apply when styling any kind of printed clothes for the first time! Once you're comfortable using basics to outfit your printed leggings, try working with contrasting patterns in the same color family to build a more elevated ensemble. For example, if there are blue stripes on your leggings, you can easily outfit with a blue blouse that flaunts a subtle dotted pattern. Experimentation is key to finding looks that you love the most. Or, shirk the suggestions and go full quirk with bold pattern mixing! At the end of the day, you make the rules for your own unique style.

Found some awesome new printed leggings in your specific style? Awesome! It's time to build an outfit around that sensational statement piece. If you're looking to infuse a quirky look with a hint of cozy, opt for a cowl neck sweater and let the toasty times roll. Floral pants and breezy tank tops in versatile hues are a great way to ensure your ensemble truly blossoms. Cream tops, a flannel tied around the waist, chunky boots - when it comes to styling plus size leggings, your imagination is always the best place to begin!