The transitional temperatures of springtime lend themselves rather well to sporting a whole assortment of spring coats! For this particular time of year, we're more than ready to show off bright raincoats, classic trenches with modern updates, and a cotton anorak or two. We have all of the stylish spring coats you could ever ask for, come rain or shine. Lightweight sweaters and floral tops have no trouble standing on their own, but with the addition of a spring coat, the look totally flourishes. Once you've styled your brand new spring coats from ModCloth, don't forget to share those wonderful outfit photos with us!

Wearing a trench coat in spring is as easy as sliding your arms through the sleeves, fastening the buttons, and adjusting the waistline sash to your liking! Leave it to a classic trench coat to elevate a basic tee and cropped jeans, or to maintain the sophisticated feel of a tie-neck dress combined with strappy heels. If your trench coat has a lining with a pop of color or a fun print, leave it unbuttoned or simply cuff the sleeves to reveal that surprising detail. There's no going wrong with layering a trench coat over any look!

You'll be hard-pressed to find outerwear more sensational than our array of spring coats. As sleeve lengths and hemlines shorten, you'll still need some lightweight layers to combat the occasional chill. Take a look around our wondrous collection of spring coats to uncover casual pieces, slightly more formal items, and garments that are nothing short of timeless. In need of some looks to sport under all those eye-catching layers? You've come to the right place. Pages of cotton tops, gingham skirts, and retro shorts eagerly await your eyes. Happy shopping!

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