As much as we love summer midi dresses and go crazy over sandals, it's summer accessories that are the most fun under the sun! Why? Well, have you ever seen the rays glint against your favorite quirky earrings? If you have, you'll know what we mean! The same goes for the statement necklaces, bangle bracelets, and metal belt buckles in your collection-gleaming on a summer day, they seriously come to life. So, slip into one of your most festive sundresses and stack on the summer accessories-it's time to shine!

The best way to accessorize summer dresses is with dangly earrings, silver rings, and beaded bracelets, of course! Once you have your jewelry in order, move onto other additions such as metallic sandals and more. Think bright colors and bold patterns, and mix them into your look in any way possible. Unique purses such as novelty crossbodies, beachy clutches, and bamboo cage bags are one way to incorporate functional fashion into your display of summertime accessories. One last summery supplement to consider is a just-in-case layer for air-conditioned buildings and chilly nights. With this tip in mind, you may just extend the seasonality of your favorite spring jackets. Score!

You've got your lace dresses, boho maxi skirts, and cotton rompers all lined up to sport this season, now the next step is to secure some summer accessories so they can be styled to showcase your posh preferences! Our go-to summer jewelry is fringe earrings, gemstone necklaces, and multi-finger rings, but you really can't go wrong with summer scarves, wire-rim sunglasses, or cuff bracelets, either. We can't wait to see your signature summertime look!

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