Once another warm and sunny day comes to a close, it's time to don one of our summer jackets and greet that refreshing evening chill with genuine style. Fringe-trimmed boho jackets are perfect for relaxed nights around the bonfire, as are ruffle jackets with their touch of feminine personality. For those generously air-conditioned offices, we're fans of blazers with a seasonally-appropriate print, like robust flowers or bright stripes. These are just a few examples, but know that the possibilities are endless. Summertime isn't often thought of as an opportune occasion for layering up, but our assortment of summer jackets will have you thinking differently - unless you're already onboard!

If you're not currently in the know about ModCloth's summer style offerings, you'll want to catch up right quick. At the top of the roster are lace tank tops and long beach dresses, followed by high-waisted shorts and A-line skirts in classic fabrics. The best part of those pieces isn't just their exclusive prints and extensive range of sizes, but also their ability to be layered with summer jackets. It's never quite an outfit without the addition of a great outerwear, right? From waterproof anoraks to must-have denim jackets, we proudly offer the summer jackets you covet most in the colors and textures you crave.

Well, would you look at that - all these summer jackets are right here and ready to join your outfit rotation all season long! Layer them over your shoulders, customize them with quirky enamel pins, or tie them around your waist - any way you wear our summer jackets is the best way, and we stand by that. Outerwear is more than just apparel, it's a reflection of your personal confidence. Let the world appreciate the authentic nature of your look with a summer jacket from ModCloth.

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