To us, the T in T-strap sandal stands for top-of-the-line when it comes to style. The words, timeless and simply terrific come to mind too. No matter what the T in T-strap means to you, we just know you are going to love our women's T-strap sandals each time you slip them on. Whether you are traveling, taking some time off, or simply tip-toeing from one event to the next, our T-strap sandals will get you there, time after time. So enough of the small talk! Gather up all your favorite colors!

A casual take on a 1920s go-to, our T-strap sandals bring the T-strap style a fresh open toe look. A strap travels up the foot, meeting a strap that wraps around the ankle, concluding with a buckle or button. The comfy T-strap flat sandals are popular for a day of walking but some styles may offer some lift with a T-strap wedge sandal and T-strap heel sandal, offered in varying heights. If you are looking to add a vintage flair for your favorite footwear, with the comfort and ease of a sandal, snag a T-strap or two!

Traipse into a rainbow of color with our T-strap sandals in all the hues you love. Make each step a vibrant one with straps tinted with blue, red, yellow, and orange stretching from toe to ankle. And don't forget those hard working neutrals. We have cognac, taupe, and black t-strap sandals to complement all your go-to looks. No matter if you want to put your favorite hues on show or keep it subtle and understated, we have the T-straps for you! Style a white T-strap sandals with brightly printed chevron dresses and floral jumpsuits. Our glittering metallic gold T-strap sandals are neutral like no other. Style your gleaming pair with contemporary striped midi dresses and vintage floral dresses alike. Shop our T-strap selections and get stepping in style today!

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