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You'll be dancing all day when you don these T-strap shoes from ModCloth! And we won't stop you! Why, you ask? Well, this adorable silhouette is simply 'the bees knees' and adds instant flair to any outfit. Find us showing up and showing out at soirées in a radiant pair of red T-straps and a floral sundress to keep us feeling cute and comfortable throughout the evening. When the warmer months roll around, you'll find us strolling along the beach in a cute pair of T-strap sandals with metallic, braided vamps and cushioned insoles for endless comfort. A pair of low-heeled T-strap pumps are always handy and dandy for office, party, or lunch date looks. With so many T-strap shoes for women to choose from on our site, you're setting the foundation for fashionable footwear.

From T-strap heels to T-strap flats, we've got your tootsies taken care of! If you had to pick a heel, these trusty T-strap shoes would be perfect for running to catch a bus because they won't slip. We're sure these shoes will fit you to a 'T-strap!' Defined as shoes having a T-shaped part formed by a strap rising from the throat over the instep and either fastening to an ankle strap or dividing at the top to form an ankle strap, these vintage-inspired beauties simply never go out of style. Whether you're jivin' on the dance floor to 50s-inspired tunes, or strolling the hallways at work, T-straps are for sure a wardrobe must.

You're dressed to a tee in our women's T-strap shoes! But just a little history lesson for ya. Did you know that vintage-inspired T-strap shoes were first worn in the 1920s, when women started baring their ankles? T-strap dress shoes continued to grow in popularity in the 1930s and 1940s, and today, they continue to soar in popularity. ModCloth is in no shortage of these sophisticated shoes. From day parties to dinner dates, T-strap shoes for women can gussy up your garb in seconds flat. Team them with midi skirts and collared blouses when you want to channel a retro vibe from head to toe, or pair them with modern dresses and accessories to give your outfit a little throwback flavor. In our T-strap flats and clogs, you'll walk with purpose and panache!

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