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What was popularized in the 1800s is now getting its time in the limelight once more! Victorian clothing has seen a recent resurgence in appreciation over the last few years, with vintage-style apparel being more coveted than ever. We'll dare say it-Victorian-inspired clothing is better in the present with modern textiles, comfortable fit options, and a more inclusive range of sizes.

Victorian clothing is characterized by exaggerated silhouettes, thoughtful layering, conservative lengths, and a close attention to romantic details. Named after England's Queen Victoria, this style took hold of the fashion world from the late 1830s to the 1890s. Vintage lingerie such as corsets were a staple of this look, which created a defined waist, and was an extreme contrast to the incredibly full hoop skirts of the era. Feather-trimmed hats, ruffled white blouses, and delicate button accents were also pillars of this particular aesthetic. As the queen began to age, the masses turned their attention to her son, Edward, and with that, changes in Victorian fashion began to take place in the form of slimmer silhouettes, and the end of the corset. Though hoop skirts and feathered hats aren't exactly today's fashion, romantic tops, small buttons, puffed sleeves, and pointed-toe boots are coveted in the present, as they give a needed refresh to the romantic-and wearable-accents of Victorian fashion.

It's easy to see why crinolines and posh toppers haven't made a comeback, but by no means is Victorian clothing out of the question for a present-day wardrobe! A ModCloth, you'll find unique styles that take cues from the 1880s, from lace-up boots and velvet jackets, to high-neck tops and Victorian dresses designed with inspiration from the era. Whether you decide to go for a thoroughly throwback look, or you're simply interested in working these pieces into your day-to-day outfitting, you'll find something to love in our collection of Victorian-style apparel and accessories.