WHAT'S THE SKINNY? So, here's the 411 - you + a pair of ModCloth's skinny jeans = the start to dozens of different stylish outfits! That's right, skinny jeans are so versatile that you could rock 'em every day and never run out of ways to look your most wonderful. So, stock up on skinny jeans first, and then load up on casual blouses, playful tunics, and tank tops galore - you'll be needing 'em!

Straight leg jeans are seriously where it's at! Don't believe us? Snag a pair of skinnies for yourself and take a peek in the mirror. Are you in love with the way you look in such magnificent denim pants? Thought so! Go ahead, then, style up those skinny jeans and take 'em on the town so the world can see your perfect pair.

Do we love staying home in skinny jeans? Yes. What about hitting up casual Friday in a pair of skinnies? Yep. And, traversing the world in our favorite skinny pants? We're all about it! So, pick between black skinny pants, classic denim jeans, or boldly colored pants - or, we won't tell if you choose all three - and get ready to go everywhere in your new, versatile pair.

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