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Take your sunny-day styles back - way back - with vintage summer dresses from ModCloth. Shop across the eras that interest you most to discover all of the feminine '50s dresses, easygoing boho dresses, and summer shift dresses we have in stock. Though, the retro fun certainly doesn't end there. Once you've found a few new fab looks, take a stroll over to our assortment of '60s sunglasses to pull together a totally throwback ensemble, or to lend some nostalgic panache to a more modern outfit. Summertime is an excellent opportunity to showcase the full range of your aesthetic, and with our vintage summer dresses, you'll be ready to turn quite a few heads.

It's one thing to admire our vintage summer dresses from afar, and to hear your friends rave about the looks they chose for themselves, but these styles are best experienced in the first person. Once your order arrives, indulge in all the textiles, silhouettes, and details that are a natural fit for your unique wardrobe. You won't be able to get enough! Whether you're buttoning into the front, zipping up from the side, or sliding in from the bottom, the moment you're situated in any of our vintage summer dresses, your inner light can't help but shine. Summer maxi dresses with sentimental touches are some of our favorites for the season, and we're certain you'll love them, too. Don't forget to share your new looks with us!

When it comes to vintage summer dresses, our collection has personality in abundance. From exclusive, hand-drawn patterns you won't find anywhere else, to a full size range and plenty of pockets, these vintage summer dresses are styles you won't want to pass by. You'll need some shoes to go with the looks you're eyeing, so why not add some vintage-inspired Oxford heels and bohemian sandals to your cart as well? Look out, summertime fashion circuit - here you come.